About PPP

Pawsitively Perfect Pooches was established in 2011 by husband and wife duo Jeff and Melissa Otto. Initially conceived as positive reinforcement training business based on renowned trainer Melissa Otto's positive reinforcement training, PPP soon grew to add walking, hiking and sitting services. 


Today, Pawsitively Perfect Pooches boasts a stellar reputation as one of the top-rated pet services in Los Angeles. With over 50,000 services completed and a 5-star rating on Yelp, PPP is the official training business of Santa Monica and Malibu. Melissa and her training team also teach group classes at Animal Kingdom in Santa Monica as well as private training sessions all over Los Angeles. 



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Jason Adams

Jason Adams is a musician, yoga & meditation instructor, massage therapist, Vedic lifestyle coach, and Sanskrit mantra expert. As the founder of Mantrapoly, his meditation recordings have been streamed over 4 million times and he’s reached over 100,000 meditation practitioners worldwide. Jason loves spending time with animals and being in nature, and enjoys leading many of the dog hikes for Pawsitively Perfect Pooches. 

Brett Lietz

Hi! My name is Brett. Two things I really love is Skateboarding and Dogs. Both really keep me happy, especially when I get the best of both worlds by skating with a dog by my side!  

Lynne Crawford​

My love for dogs started at a young age when I received my first puppy. I named her Pokey, short for slow poke. :)  


She taught me many things, but most of all, experiencing a special bond between human and animal. "


"Dogs are not are whole life, but they make our life's whole." -- Roger Caras

Alex Knight

Alex does double duty as both a walker and assistant trainer to Melissa. He's a bit of a dog whisperer and the pooches always love and trust him. He's raised a Golden Retriever to be his loyal companion and is always looking to learn more about man's best friend. 

Additional PPP Team (info and Pictures Coming soon):
Seth Rogers
Shane Valentin

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